Drink Driving
Rehabilitation Courses

Dash is one of the UK’s longest providers of the drink drive rehabilitation scheme.

The DASH course is designed to be nonjudgmental, educational and covers alcohol education, impact to health, responsible driving, the law, sentencing, and victims. The course is a modular course where learning and skills development progress evenly. For this reason participants who miss a session cannot progress to the next session of the course without completing the missed session.

Courses are run one day a week for three weeks, weekday and weekends or four evening sessions in various locations.

Course Schedule

Courses are available on weekdays, weekends and evenings. The course uses direct teaching, group discussions, exercises, quizzes, DVD’s, workbooks, revision sessions and homework tasks to complete the syllabus.

The course looks at alcohol and helps you to understand how to separate it from your driving. We are not looking for you to give up alcohol and do not assume that you have a drink problem. However, we do have a counseling service if a problem is highlighted and can offer you support.

The course will help you understand how a small amount of alcohol can cause you to be over the limit ‘the next day’. We will look at the effects that alcohol can have on your health. We will look at Drink driving and the Law and find out how you can be arrested for a ‘drink driving’ offence even by sleeping in a car after drinking.

We will cover the decision making processes of the Magistrates in drink drive cases. You will be given details of how to apply for your licence back, together with details of insurance companies that offer reasonable rates for people who have completed a course.


Should you wish to make a complaint about the service you receive from Ogwr D.A.S.H. you can contact us on 01656 650686, by e-mail to drivingawareness@newlinkwales.org.uk, or in writing to: 

Clare Price – Manager

Ogwr D.A.S.H.

74, Nolton Street


CF31 3BP

If you feel your complaint has not been satisfactorily resolved you can contact the Welsh Government at drinkdriverehabilitationscheme@wales.gsi.gov.uk                                          


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